What Is Lessac Kinesensic Training?


Lessac Kinesensic Training


The Lessac Kinesensic Training was created by Arthur Lessac, one of the great teachers of the 20th century in voice and body training.  Instead of relying upon ear training, imitation, outside imagery, or inspiration; the student is encouraged to feel the sensations of sound--as it is being produced from within.  It is a sensory approach, feeling the dynamics of energy, vibration or muscular action. 'Kinesensic' is a term that Arthur coined from kine for movement, esens for basic meaning, nature; sens for spirit, inner energy, and sic for familiar occurrences.  So this training teaches the individual to feel and recognize the sensations of voice production, and to allow those sensations to guide the process of becoming vocally and physically 'aware'.  It is gentle, enjoyable, reliable and extremely comprehensive, covering all aspects of voice and speech, while relaxing and energizing the body at the same time. It is very beneficial to those wishing to improve and develop the speaking and singing voice that lies within them: actors, singers, voice-over artists, teachers, clergy, lawyers, politicians, businessmen and women--in short, anyone who wants to have a more effective, healthy and beautiful voice. If you would like more information about Arthur Lessac and this kind of training, visit the Lessac institute below. The VASTA link is to the Voice & Speech Trainers Associations, of which I am a member.

So whether I am teaching privately in the studio, or working with actors in a dialect coaching session, or in a workshop with any group, I will be utilizing these principles and sharing this wonderful body of work.



The Lessac Institute          www.vasta.org

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