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November 2018

And now..November is upon us...

Autumn is moving into Winter soon...leaves are falling, days getting shorter, nights longer, colder and crisper, yet life is still showering me with busy-ness...


Cabaret opened to rave reviews at ASC, and will only be playing for two weekends at ASC in Annapolis.  See it if you can! I am also the Dialect/Vocal coach for A Christmas Carol  for the Annapolis Shakespeare Company-- and it will open on Saturday, November 24 at our theatre located at 1804 West Street, Suite 200, Annapolis, MD 21401, and will run until the end of the year. For tickets to this wonderful holiday event, please call the box office at 410-415-3513.

I am also beginning work with Theater J's production of Talley's Folly written by Lanford Wilson--opening in December. I'm nothing if not busy!

Meanwhile, I still have an active music ministry at the Shrine of St. Anthony, Ascension, 'Our Lady of Bright View' Catonsville, and St. Leo the Great--all church venues I love to serve! I hope to see you at one of these venues....



Newsflash:  I did a radio interview with Singer/Songwriter and recording artist, Julie Carrick for her show--We Sing Our Faith back in October, and can be found on WMET 1160 AM.  It can be heard throughout the nation on various stations, so check for it in your area!  She featured many of my songs and I had an opportunity to share some personal stories as to how the songs came about.  Here's the link: 




Samson above, looking very regal...almost a formal portrait, isn't it?

Mom and Dad below at Brightview in 2012.  They both look happy in this picture.  The sad news is that Dad passed away in November of 2013, and Mom just a few months later in February, 2014.  Only 3 months apart--seems like she didn't want to continue without him, and he was busy preparing her new domicile in Heaven. That's where they both are now--finally together. No more illness, weakness or sadness.  She can see again (no more macular degeneration; and he can hear again (no more deafness due to a war wound), no more dementia--they think clearly and with huge insight--they are at peace in a place we can only dimly imagine.  Save a spot for us, mom and dad!  

Mom and Dad at Brightview 2012
Pete enjoying gelato in Assisi

Pete enjoying gelato in Assisi.  He looks so happy!  It would have been our 33rd anniversary this coming May 20, 2016--many happy years together.  Now he celebrates in heaven....



New Mass of St. Anthony of Padua


My new Mass setting is now available for church use.  Please call me at 410-987-4961 or email me if you would like to use this setting.  I will have sound files available soon on my "Other Products' page soon!


I now have Skype available for voice coaching!  Check out my Voice Studio page to find out more! Long distance is no longer an obstacle to voice improvement and building your voice-over skills or voice training of any sort!



I just love this picture of Deb Kinghorn, Arthur Lessac and me at one of our conferences not too long ago. He had to have been 100 at the time. Doesn't he look great--actually, I think we all look great!



To the left was taken on my parents' wedding day, June 26, 1948 in front of my grandparents' house in Arbutus, Maryland.

Concert experiment

Again, in light of the economy these days, I would like to try an experiment. 

In the past, most churches and such venues expected to pay a set price for a concert of my music.  I have always tried to make all my concerts affordable, but even so, sometimes it's just not in the budget anymore to bring in someone or some event that might enhance the life of the faith community. Well, how about sharing a concert for a 'free-will' offering by those attending?  In this way, the church itself would not be bearing any burden for bringing something potentially exciting, rewarding and spiritually uplifting to parishioners.  If this is something your church or faith community would entertain, just email me, or call me we'll discuss the possibility. My main goal has always been to share the music that God has given me to write, perform and record.  That's the bottom line. So...what are we waiting for?




If there is something you would like me to include on my website--some feature that you have found helpful on other sites--please let me know by emailing me at:



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