Photo Gallery

Singing Queen of Apostles in Guatelmala at the outdoor venue for the XX World Festival of Marian Songs 2004.  The indoor venue was the National Theatre, which held 5,000 people!  This venue seated 1,000 fans of the Festival.

Dave Nachodsky recording the vocals at Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore

 Cousins Jerry and Martha Pratt standing in St. Clement's in Indiana before my fund-raiser concert for their building fund.

An outdoor cafe in London during our Songtime Tour with the BSA.  What a beautiful day in late May--this is 'rainy' London!  Beautiful, isn't it? 

A beautiful view outside the restaurant and hotel in Old Guatemala City 2004

Recording the vocals for my most recent CD Moved by God

London May-June 2009 Songtime Tour with the Senior Theatre Ensemble of the Baltimore School for the Arts at a wonderful farm-restaurant in Surrey for lunch with the students. Donald HIcken (director) and head of department is in the background, and Ann Ladinov is in the foreground.  She was our coordinator and host for the trip to England, along with her husband, Rolf Schmitt.

Singing the National Anthem at the Cole Brothers Circus, September 2009.  What a thrill to be able to sing our anthem for my dad, a survivor of Iwo Jimo! 

 Fr. Noel Danielewicz & Bro. Ed Handy in the town of Greccio while we were on pilgrimage in Italy October 2008

Arthur Lessac and me at the Summer Intensive at DePauw University in 2007 He just turned 100 years of age! He is a testimony to his own work!

My husband Pete sitting at his station to run sound & lights for a concert in Indiana.

Another photo of the circus venue singing our National Anthem