The Right Training for You


Voice improvement 


Do you feel that your voice is holding you back? 

Is there some aspect of your presentation that you feel could be improved vocally?

Do you have the control over your voice that you would like?

Is your voice as dynamic and strong as you would like it to be?


All these questions could be answered by the kind of one-on-one training offered by this training.  you will receive a consultation to assess your needs, and a program to fit your goals will be tailored --just for you. You will be given individualized training in the studio work and assignments that are practical, easy to understand and are fun.  Sessions are usually an hour in length, but can be longer--depending on your goals.


Presentation Skills 


For those interested in polishing their skills as presenters, MC's, teachers, corporate executives, public speakers and clergy members, this training will help you learn practical ways to improve your voice, body language, gesture and communication.  You will receive guidance every step of the way in order to become a more effective speaker and presenter.  You'll receive strategies for engaging your audience and how to relax --yet be energized.



 Dialect Coaching 


Coming up for a specific acting role that demands a certain dialect? 

The training will include discovering the melody, focus and placement, as well as consonant and vowel substitutions you'll need to create that character in the world of that play.

If groups of actors are involved, Nancy will create a study guide for the cast and come to the theatre to coach the production as needed.  She will give individual instruction as well as group workshops tailored for the production.


 Monologue Coaching  


Do you need some individual coaching for an upcoming audition or presentation?

Do you need help with blocking, tension relief and relaxation?

Would you like some assistance creating a solid, dynamic and unique audition?

Together with Nancy, you will explore the audition material with an eye toward feeling the beat by beat, moment to moment experience which will build your confidence and professional image. Voice, body and imagination are developed during these sessions.


 Accent Modification


Do you feel that your accent is blocking communication with other people in any way?

That others don't always understand what you are saying?  

Are you frustrated because others sometimes point out your mispronunciations of words?

 The goal of Accent Modification is to improve your diction, so that you are a better communicator, whether for one-on-one conversations, large or small group presentations, or phone calls. You will gain confidence as you feel more in control of your speech, and thus your professional “image.”
 This diction training will teach you how to feel the sensations necessary in order to pronounce words correctly with ease, and how to use rhythm, word stress, and intonation for natural and appropriate expression.


 Singing and Speaking


Do you feel that you have one voice for singing and one for speaking?

Do you feel that your speaking voice is hurting your singing voice?

Would you like to be able to blend both voices into one seamless 'instrument'?

It's not as difficult as it seems to be.  This training will help you make that bridge between both 'voices', and how to keep the relationship between them healthy.