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 Accent Reduction for Performance: 


 "It is well recognized that a regional accent is frowned upon in doing vocal work, especially commercials and voice overs.  My fortunes in acting and modeling led me to a strong referral of Nancy Krebs for diction work.   Even though I was quite aware of my Baltimore accent, I was unable to show progress and sought out help.  After several weeks of one-on-one work with Nancy, progress was achieved. She has a logical and easy to understand approach.  A watershed was reached for me recently when a few people asked "where are you from originally"?  How 'bout dat, Hon!" (smile)


Chuck Ansell







 Dialect/Vocal Coaching: 


"Nancy has provided extraordinary vocal and dialect work to several productions I’ve directed. Her work is extremely thorough and she approaches the process with total respect and professionalism."


Donald Hicken

Helen Hayes Award-winning director




Accent Reduction and Voice Strengthening:


“I have worked with Nancy on accent reduction and voice strengthening and I had such a great time!

She is the most wonderful teacher, friend… PERSON … I have met and I feel very very fortunate for the blessed day when I was searching online for speech classes and I found Nancy’s phone number. I work in Business in the Corporate World and since English is my second language, I always had to struggle with having an accent and a voice that was not strong and assertive enough for the environment that I was working in.  Therefore, I was very eager to get help with my accent reduction and to strengthen my voice.  And Nancy helped me achieve just that with so much grace and dedication.

During our speech classes, I was able to learn new techniques to help me in my day to day conversations as well as business presentations.  As a result of her teachings, I have become a much more confident person at work, and not only at work.  The positive influence of her classes affected my social and personal life as well, since I do feel more assertive and self confident because of it.  This has completely changed my attitude in life and I am a lot happier and fulfilled … and I owe it all to Nancy.

I recommend Nancy full heartedly … you will never want to stop learning from her!  She is simply wonderful! "

Carmen Prinston



Monologue Coaching:


"My daughter Ashley, who is a singer, loves working with Nancy.  In the space of anhour, Nancy is able to transform Ashley's performance of the monologue or song from technically correct to dramatically powerful.  
One recent example was when Ashley went from a very girly Peter Pan to a more macho and playful Peter Pan - in the space of an hour.  She got the part! Ashley also works with Nancy when preparing for vocal auditions.  Here again the change is from accurately singing the song with a lovely voice to acting the song with a lovely voice.  Ashley's first experience with Nancy was several years ago when Ashley asked for casual advice from Nancy.  After hearing her sing, Nancy not only strongly suggested voice lessons, she made an excellent referral for a voice teacher.
As a parent, sitting in on the coaching sessions is enjoyable and fascinating. Enjoyable because Nancy obviously loves what she does and it.is apparent throughout the session.  Fascinating because she has an extraordinary ability to connect with the student and explain tough concepts in an easy to understand way."

Rose Larkin


Overall Voice Improvement:

"I have been trained by several highly skilled voice teachers throughout my education as a singer and actress, and I can say with absolute honesty that Nancy is one of the finest.  She has a genuine interest in her students and a contagious love of her work, which she communicates with joy, clarity and ease!  Nancy has helped me to discover the range, colour, strength and softness of my voice, which has proved invaluable to my work as a performer and performance educator.  I would recommend her to anyone seeking a better experience of the quality of their voice, whether for everyday life, performing arts or business."

Aimee Blesing
Actor, Singer, Performance Educator



Voice-Over Training: 

 "Nancy was a complete joy to work with.  quickly understood my needs and excitedly addressed them. Has set me on my way!!  Highly reccommended."

Rob Ellison Potter
Voice-Over artist


"I just wanted to take a second to say thank you for all that you've done for me. The lessons you taught me have been priceless to get me to the point I'm at today. I think about every lesson before I go into the booth, and I always say, "what would Nancy say" :-). So thank you very much and take a listen to your student on my new website..."


Greg Russell